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An UNCONFERENCE on Engagement

UNCONFERENCE in UM6P Benguerir Campus – December 7th, 2022

Story School organized on December 7th, 2022, an original and interactive listening session on engagement at the request of the Talent Organizational Development team, within Benguerir’s Campus. This UNCONFERENCE on engagement encourages active participation by allowing participants to provide input and co-construct OCP Group’s roadmap on engagement issues.

This working session was led by Mrs. Jenni Field, an expert in engagement and communication of organizations, during which the participants were able to define the agenda themselves, decide on the main points to be discussed and share their own perceptions.

15 themes were identified by the employees who gathered in small groups to share their potential avenues for solutions on each topic. The objective of this session was to use active and strategic listening for the benefit of the Talent Organizational Development team.

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