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Crash course on “Al applied to Storytelling”

September 20th-22nd 2023

Crash Course on “AI applied to Storytelling” organized between September 20nd to 22th at UM6P Campus in Rabat-Salé

Story School organized, from September 20th to 22nd, a Crash Course on “AI applied to Storytelling” to explore the intersection between Art and Science. The training was dispended by Professor Hong Qu, an Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School, and a member of Youtube’s start-up team behind many functionalities, such as the creation of Channels and the Skip Ads Button.

Professor Qu took participants on a journey into the applications of AI in storytelling. The training allowed attendees to gain deep knowledge and hands-on experience in this burgeoning field. Professor Qu’s teaching guided participants through a comprehensive tour of AI’s applications in narrative creation, including texts, video enhancement, data visualization, collect and analysis, and much more. Practical exercises ignited creativity!

The workshop didn’t just explore AI’s potential but also tackled its ethical dimensions. Discussions on authorship, copyright, and bias in AI-generated narratives encouraged critical thinking about AI’s responsible use.

Professor Hong Qu’s workshop offered an immersive experience. Participants gained a practical tools kit to navigate AI in general, with a specific focus on storytelling.




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