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« Communication Fundamentals » Program

September 2023 - March 2024

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Story School launches the second edition of its “Communication Fundamentals” Program and joins forces with Sciences Po Executive Education

For the second edition of its « Communication Fundamentals » Program, Story School will be joining forces with Sciences Po Executive Education to offer dual certification.

As part of this partnership, several collaborative initiatives are launched:

A series of training sessions focusing on different areas of expertise: Hosted on the UM6P Rabat Campus, these sessions include 14 courses spread over the period of 7 months and range from broader communication subjects to more specialized topics.

 A research paper on a topic determined by each participant in collaboration with Sciences Po Executive Education faculty. This includes the help and tutoring of experts who will explain the methodology and expectations of the research paper, as well as its objectives. They will guide the writing process and delivery of the oral presentation. The oral defense will be held at Sciences Po Paris in the format of a pitch of 3 to 5 minutes maximum, followed by a 10 to 15 minutes Q&A session.

A conference at the Arab World Institute in Paris: a one-day session with top-level speakers from Sciences Po.

The journey ends with a Certificate Award Ceremony at the UM6P Rabat Campus to celebrate the participants  achievements; a highlight of the year, giving birth to a true community along the way.

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